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<DIV>Becky--Strickly off-list--I have occasional questions from our libraries about what sort of reader printers to purchase and I would be very interested in the make/model information on the reader printers that you have chosen.&nbsp; Do they have repair warranties?&nbsp; That is an especially tricky issue as our old machines age and die and no one will even try to service them .&nbsp;</DIV>
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<P><FONT face=Arial size=2>Hello, all.</FONT> </P>
<P><FONT face=Arial size=2>A little bit away from video.&nbsp; We need to purchase some new microfilm reader printers and do have the equipment chosen.&nbsp; However, now our director would like information on the future of microfilm since everything is going digital.&nbsp; Our ASD head remembers seeing something online, possibly in a British source that said microfilm is going to be around for a long time, long after the digital material has deteriorated.&nbsp; The article actually had someone holding up a cunieform tablet saying that the tablet would last longer than digitization.&nbsp; Does this sound familiar to anyone?&nbsp; These reader printers we want are state of the art - clear and clean up fuzzy and faint film, and more.&nbsp; Thanks in advance.</FONT></P>
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