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Swank and the similar MPLC tend to be weak in both foreign & independent
films but really the only option is a title by title license because these
types of films are not done by blanket license. FYI somewhat related and I
have mentioned before that while I don't blame Swank I think this kind of
licensing is an unethical rip-off of artists as it is structured by the
studios in such a way that the studios do NOT have report it as part of
film's income that they would then pay royalties. But this IS why us small
guys can't offer any type of blanket license. We have to have a specific
amount of money for each film we license.

For the record it would have been REALLY difficult to license Cantinflas
But Swank might own more docs than they know. Errol Morris's older films
were just released by MGM/UA which is a Swank company but they may or may
not include the rights. I swear sometimes Swank forgets to even ask. ( this
would be things like THE THIN BLUE LINE which is probably my favorite Doc of
the last 25 years).

It would be great if you had the budget to license at least some extra films
To fill out what Swank can not and support small independent companies
though I realize that is not always practical


> Our library has an umbrella license with Swank to show films, but we are
> finding that many movies we want to show aren't covered by that agreement.
> For example, a colleague wanted to have a festival of films by the Mexican
> actor Cantinflas, but the only film we could show was "Around the World in
> 80 Days." I'm hoping to show several of the Academy Award-winning
> documentaries next year, but it appears few of those are covered. I have
> purchased some DVDs with public performance rights, but that's pricey. Any
> suggestions?
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