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Meghan is probably way more up to speed than I but here is my 2 cents:

What I have read and am being told by my tekkie gurus is that Blu-Ray is the next generation of DVD and that the players will be backward compatable. They are supposed to hold an incredible amount of information like 9 hours of video on one disc. We are in the programing stages for a new building so this impacts our planning for future stack space 10 years down the road in a big way. I am hoping it comes and quickly.


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>>> 10/5/2005 6:27 AM >>>
I'm guessing that most institutions will wait until the market 'settles'
before choosing one or the other -- right now it seems too close to
call. The standing argument that HD-DVD is cheaper is practically mute
now, since they have improved the manufacturing process for Blu-Ray to
make it almost identical (even the old assembly lines will have to
upgrade for HD-DVD, although the same basic process - such as platter
thickness, glue, etc. - stay the same). I suppose short term this may
be an argument for some manufacturers, but we're talking pennies at
large quantities. Also, there is no quality difference in material
between HD-DVD or Blu-Ray - they are simply physical disc formats. The
quality is determined by whatever compression is used, and both formats
can utilize the same compression types. The difference MAY be in that a
large Blu-Ray disc may be able to use higher compression to squeeze more
material with less loss in quality, although it seems doubtful that this
would be the done. Both formats will max out at around 28-29 Mbps and
Dual layer HD-DVDs will be easily able to hold long movies with some
extras at that size, just like Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray does have a definite
advantage for computer users who are looking to store more data on a
disc though, but that is unrelated to watching movies on a DVD player.
In a nutshell: ???


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Tatar, Becky wrote:

> Just checking to see what everyone's plans for these two formats are.
> Are you jumping in on both sides? Are you going to take a wait and
> see attitude to see if one format becomes dominant? Will you wait for
> patron demand? I know this is a repeat of the VHS/Betamax problem in
> the 80s. Is one of these formats better, or are they equal in
> quality? Inquiring minds want to know, and in English, not
> technospeak. Thanks, and now I'll go whimper in the corner.
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