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Wed, 5 Oct 2005 07:44:22 -0700

We have actually disabled all our digital drives due to the potentially
insecure use of uploading data or programs from them--in accordance with
city policy, not the library's, btw. If we had PCs set up that were
completely off the city's network, though, I believe we would certainly
allow these activities. Of course, we only allow patrons 1 hour usage per
day, so DVD watching would be a bit constrained . . .
Bryan Griest
Glendale Public Library

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I need some advice, especially from the public librarians on the list.
Do you allow your patrons to use library PCs to listen to music CDs
and/or view DVDs? If so, what kind of time limits do you impose on PC
use, and do time limits differ for different uses? You may respond to
me privately or to the list. Thank you.

Eric Fry
Multi-Media Manager
Fort Worth Public Library
500 W. 3rd St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102-7333

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