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Delin, Peter (
Wed, 05 Oct 2005 15:55:09 +0200

Dear Eric,

we use separate DVD/Video/CD viewing stations based on PCs:
- Display: 23" View Sonic VP231wb (with HDCP compatible DVI input)
- PC with graphics-, video- and sound card
- Videoplayer (PAL/NTSC) connected to the videocard in the PC
- DVD drive (PAL/NTSC) is region free and the software allows PAL speed
up reverse (so PAL movies, normally 25 fps, can be played correctly at
24 frames per second!)
- Headphones
- Mouse (keyboard is not accessible)

All versions from all regions of VHS- and DVD-Videos (plus CD-Audio) can
be played back at each viewing station. Even VHS-SECAM would be possible
if we had a SECAM compatible videorecorder (which we do not yet have).
The software bundle includes usual DVD player (Power DVD)and "Zoom
Player Professional" for DVD and John Adock's DScaler for video playback
(which even allows to use close caption for VHS). The software package
is similar to that of a home theater PC which at our viewing stations is
connected to an LCD display instead of a video beam.

Handling for the general public is fair simple (remote control for the
video player, mouse for DVD-menu, volume for both by the scroll wheel of
the mouse)

The advantage of this constellation is a crisp high quality picture
(1080p) - even the VHS picture is very good, anyway far better than on
a TV set. And future formats like HD-DVD and Blue Ray can be integrated
with the respective disc drives.

Our new viewing stations are in operstion since Monday this week and up
to now they work properly. We will see. They were designed by a small
company here in Berlin . In the US similar
service should be available.

with kind regards
Peter Delin/ Videolektorat
Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin

"Fry, Eric" schrieb:
> I need some advice, especially from the public librarians on the list.
> Do you allow your patrons to use library PCs to listen to music CDs
> and/or view DVDs? If so, what kind of time limits do you impose on PC
> use, and do time limits differ for different uses? You may respond to
> me privately or to the list. Thank you.
> Eric Fry
> Multi-Media Manager
> Fort Worth Public Library
> 500 W. 3rd St.
> Fort Worth, TX 76102-7333
> 817-871-7791
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