Re: [Videolib] Olympia by Leni Reifenstahl

Adrienne Howard (
Mon, 03 Oct 2005 14:42:52 -0700

Complete video set- $45.95. Bargain!

>>> 10/03/05 1:30 PM >>>
I am looking for a copy of this film; does anyone have any suggestions
for me?
Thank you,
Darla Moore
Rollins College

Olympia, Parts I & II: Complete Set (1938)
Commissioned by the Nazi government to film the 1936 Berlin Olympic
Games, documentarian Leni Riefenstahl fashioned a mesmerizing tribute to
athletic grace and beauty, while juxtaposing the Olympian spirit of
Ancient Greece to "the ideals of National Socialism." Part one features
the opening ceremonies, marathon, high dive and more; part two covers
events around the stadium and Olympic village, as well as swimming,
equestrian, the Pentathlon, the Decathlon and more.

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