[Videolib] DVD Software for Computers

Schmitt, Mike (schmittm@uwgb.edu)
Mon, 3 Oct 2005 12:57:59 -0500

We are getting more and more requests from faculty to play DVD's in the
classroom. Since most of our classrooms are integrated with AMX control
systems we would prefer to go with a good software DVD player rather
than an actual DVD player. (Reprogramming the AMX runs $150 an hour.)
Any suggestions on a good DVD software program for playing discs on a
standard PC? I'm currently looking at the Intervideo WinDVD Player
software. We have not had much success with playing DVD's on freeware
or downloaded DVD programs.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Mike Schmitt
Media Specialist
UW-Green Bay
Green Bay, WI

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