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Sat, 01 Oct 2005 09:10:49 -0400

> Dennis McGuire
> Head of Digital and Media Services
> Columbia College Chicago Library
> 624 S. Michigan Ave.
> Chicago, IL 60605
> (v) 312.344.7434
> (f) 312.344.8062
Dennis: Try calling some of the larger school districts around IL. Ask
their district media department if they still have any wire racks for
16mm films around that you can have for cheap or free.
Try posting a request on either the CCUMC website or the NAMTC
( for surplus racks. You may have to put the request in with
the WebMaster and ask him/her to post it on the site for you . . .

Otherwise try TekData SUPPLY company in Liberty, IL. The rack system is
very expensive but it is the proper size and configuration to hold 16mm
films in either plastic or metal cans.

Mark (without the T) Richie
< old librarians never die, the just check out. >

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