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Have you posted this question to the OLAC list? In my experience there is a
good deal more interest in the cataloging end of video librarianship there
than exists on this list.

After looking at the Warner Bros. name authority records--and as you know,
you've only brought up a couple of the plethora that exist--it looks to me
like which one one uses depends on when the item in hand being cataloged was
made. This is a case where several equally valid corporate name headings
exist for different companies that all share the same street address.

This note, "Cannot determine relationship between Warner Bros. Pictures and
Warner Bros." indicates to me that no clear distinction can be drawn between
the output of these two corporate entities based on the sources examined,
which include Warner's official "information" webpage. I'm sure there are
librarians on the OLAC e-mail discussion list who are conversant with using
these competing headings, but from the look of things in the authority file,
I would suggest that the entire situation is subject to change.

If you contact me offlist, I could suggest a couple of film catalogers who
might be able to help. We simply do not work with mainstream entities like
Warners enough to have experience in this particular conundrum.

Mike Tribby
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From: Douglas King []
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Subject: [Videolib] Warner Bros. established headings

My library is perplexed when it comes to applying the following 2
established headings for films:

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. Pictures (1969- )

According to a note in one of the authority records, "Cannot determine
relationship between Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Bros." so how are
these 2 headings being used in the real world by non-LC libraries? Could
someone please explain how they apply these 2 headings in their local
catalog? In other words, when do you use Warner Bros. and when do you use
Warner Bros. Pictures (1969- )? Do you always use one or the other, or are
there instances where one is more appropriate then the other?

Thanks for putting up with my silly question! Doug

Douglas King
Special Materials Cataloger
Thomas Cooper Library
University of South Carolina
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