[Videolib] Demo tape

Mary Lou Neighbour (mneighbo@mc3.edu)
Mon, 26 Sep 2005 15:26:04 -0400

I have just come to catlog a VHS video of "In the Bedroom" from our satellite campus for their library. It is a gift from faculty, but the box is clearly marked "DEMO TAPE" and "Full length screener for video retailers only." The cassette itself is marked "Demo VHS not for sale or rental" and "This product is the property of Buena Vista Pictures Distribution and must be returned upon request."

This is the first time I have come across anything like this. I don't think that we can add the video to our library's collection. What is the wisdom of the group? Any help would be appreciated!

Mary Lou Neighbour
AV Librarian
Montomery County Community College
Blue Bell, PA 19422

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