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Thanks a million for this, Nell! I was really worried about these folks.


At 12:04 PM 9/22/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>I have an update on some of our friends and VRT members from the New
>Orleans area. Please forgive duplicate posting if you are on both
>videolib and the vrt member lists.
>1. Joe Clark and his family are safe in Memphis. His sister Mary Ann
>Markes (also a librarian with New Orleans Public Library) is with them as
>well. Both Joe's home and public library branch were "under water".
>Joe is branch manager of the East New Orleans Regional branch which opened
>in 2002 (see link with photo:
>Only the branch library roof was dry during the height of the flood.
>For updates about New Orleans Public Library post-Katrina and ways
>individuals can help see: Joe has a new email:
> <>. Phone: (901)
>2. Kathleen Kilgen is at home. Joe indicated that her home had some
>water and wind damage, but was OK. Kathleen sent the following update on
>her Lafourche Parish Public Library on 9/12. Kathleen is Reference
>Librarian at the Cutoff/Galliano Branch. Her email:
>>Lower Lafourche got pretty banged up, mostly wind damage. Nearer to the
>>Gulf, Grand Isle
>>and Point Fourchon got the storm surge. Pretty bad. Our Golden Meadow
>>Branch's roof was blown off.
>>Thankfully, we had just bought a new building, so we tried to salvage
>>what we could. The new one hadn't
>>been renovated yet, so it will be a while before it's open.
>3. Stephen Pomes has taken refuge in Pittsburg, PA. Stephen is librarian
>for U.S. Dept. of Interior Minerals Management Service Library in New
>Orleans. His work
>email: or
>4. Sam Readman is no longer a New Orleans resident. He is currently a
>librarian with Miami Public Library. He has had difficulties with Katrina
>in Pensacola, FL. His father's home was struck last time by Hurricane
>Camille. They rebuilt higher. Sam's father's home was struck again by
>Katrina, which had a higher storm surge. Sam has been in Pensacola
>helping his Father with significant first floor home damage. Sam's
>email: <>
>5. VRT Gala Speaker, 2006, Royce Osborn (/All on a Mardi Gras Day/) has
>also evacuated New Orleans for Los Angeles. See the transcript from his
>story on the Travis Smiley web
>I hope our other members in other areas such as Biloxi, Mississippi
>(Foster Flint), Florida, and Alabama fairing well.
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