[Videolib] John Hoskyns-Abrahall of Bullfrog Films to Give

Steve Fesenmaier (fesenms@wvlc.lib.wv.us)
Wed, 21 Sep 2005 09:28:56 -0400

Do Social Documentaries Influence Anyone?

John Hoskyns-Abrahall, the founding president of Bullfrog Films, will be
giving a lecture at The State Cultural Center - on Wednesday, January 25th,
2006 at 7 PM. Mr. Hoskyns-Abrahall has been a guest of the WV International
Film Festival, showing new films about WV and the environment. Bullfrog
Films is the leading distributor of films about the environment including
Sasha Waters' film, "Razing Appalachia," about a WV community trying to save
its mountain from mountaintop removal mining. Bullfrog distributes many
other films about WV and the environment. Check their website at -
http://www.bullfrogfilms.com/ He has called his presentation ! - "Do
social issue films have any influence?" If anyone in the history of cinema
could begin to answer this question, it is Mr. Hoskyns-Abrahall. For more
than 30 years he has distributed most of the best films about the current
hottest social issue, ranging from global warming and nuclear war , to
Palestinian rights and The War on Terror. He has gained international
recognition for championing the rights of independent filmmakers, once
co-filing a suit against the U.S. government for blocking US films from
being exported for supposed political bias . He graduated from Oxford in
classics . He came to the US, received an! MA in Communications from the
Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he met his future
wife, Winifred Scherrer. They were co-founders of the Rodale Press Film
Division, before founding Bullfrog Films . Their film company is still
located near Rodale, in Reading, Pa. You can borrow more than 100 Bullfrog
Films through any local public library. For more info on his speech, contact
Steve Fesenmaier, 304-558-3978 ext. 2015 fesenms@wvlc.lib.wv.us

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