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Jessica's right...(OH MY GOD...I can't believe I actually typed those words)

Face-to-face classroom teaching in the service of regular curriculum in a
place where that instruction usually occurs is OK

Showing films for extracurricular activities or groups outside of formal
instruction is not.

Gary Handman

At 04:28 PM 9/20/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>The law happens to very clear on this one. She can show the films to a CLASS
>of students ENROLLED in THAT class as part of the class instruction
>She can NOT show it to a student "group" or "club" only to students who are
>in her specific class.
>There is no such thing as an "educational" exemption. Only a VERY specific
>"face to face" teaching exemption. FYI this has NOTHING to do with "fair
>use" but with the above mentioned "face to face"
>I am bit tired but I am sure Gary or someone else can post the link or text
>for this in the copyright code
> > Hi all,
> >
> > We have a community college here with a multicultural and global issues
> > program. The person in charge of this program teaches classes and also
> does
> > some community events. She was under the impression (backed up by the
> media
> > center, which is not the library) that since she is in a teaching
> environment
> > and these films are to further the education of the students, that she does
> > not have to have any special rights for films like "Crash" and "Maria
> Full of
> > Grace." These are films that she would like to show her student group,
> call
> > "Global Friends". I called her when I saw "Crash" advertised in an email
> > newsletter and she has since pulled that film and substituted "Invisible
> > Children" for which she has permission. But she is still under the
> impression
> > that she can show "Crash" at a later date to the student club without
> > performance rights (and if they happen to bring their friends, that is
> okay).
> >
> > Can she show these films in the classroom without performance
> rights? Can she
> > show them to the Global Club and friends without performance rights?
> > Thanks,
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