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Celeste Choate (Celeste@cmpl.org)
Sat, 17 Sep 2005 10:36:34 -0400

We had a rash of AV thefts at the Clinton-Macomb Public Library, peaking
last fall. We secure our DVDs and CDs with RFID donuts on the on the
center hub. Customers were either pulling the donuts off or wrapping the
items in foil or getting around the security gates somehow. (NOTE: We
found that our thieves were reselling our DVDs at local gaming stores
and were able to work with the local police in 7 neighboring communities
to recover over 300 stolen DVDs. Just a drop in the bucket, but we are
prosecuting the known thieves are recovering some of our losses)

We now use a clear overlay that keeps the donut on the DVD. It is not a
full overlay - it extends just over a quarter inch past the RFID donut
onto the DVD itself. We cannot use them on double sided discs, but theft
has dropped significantly since we overlaid our collection of over
15,000 items. It's only been a couple of months, but instead of losing
30 DVDs or CDs a month, we've lost 1 or 2 these past 2 months.

I don't have the information on the overlay with me, but can get it from
Technical Services if you'd like.

We have also invested in DiscMate one-piece cases for security and
display and Standard Unlocking Units for use at circulation desks. These
locking DVD cases from CheckPoint that have the locking mechanism
integral to the case.
We split our DVD series into individual cases and would have to purchase
DVD cases for this purpose anyways. We were able to purchase the
CheckPoint cases for $1.05 each, which is not much more than we were
paying for 'regular' cases. We have not used the locking feature yet but
are prepared if we need to go that route. We are a self-check library
and feel that these cases would be easy enough for the public to use if
the 'unlocker' were mounted in the foyer past the security gates.

Best regards,

Celeste Choate
Celeste B. Choate
Head of Popular Materials Clinton-Macomb Public Library 40900
Romeo Plank Road Clinton Township, MI 48038
(586) 226-5051 FAX (586) 226-5058 celeste@cmpl.org

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