RE: [Videolib] DVD security

Bergman, Barbara J (
Fri, 16 Sep 2005 15:43:37 -0500

When we moved to open stacks, we opted to tattletape the videos on the
video itself and for the DVDs we went with Checkpoint security cases.
They look the same as regular DVD cases, but have a removable locking
strip. It did involve repackaging the DVDs. The case is tattletaped,
not the disc.

We decided to stay away from overlays on the DVDs because of our
experiences with CDs and from problems reported here on the list.
We decided against Kwikcases since the cost was much higher, and they
take up more shelf space since they enclose the existing DVD case.
Yes, we've had people damage the locks, but it seems to be from an odd
inability to understand that we unlock them at the checkout desk, not
from actual theft attempts.

Barb Bergman
Media Services Librarian
Minnesota State University-Mankato
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