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Thanks for the responses all...We've tried the double shelving method
for the last few months and the demand is simply too high to keep up
with. Even double-staffing our circulation desk we end up with lines of
patrons and stacks of materials with no time to get them all shelved. At
this point I think the mistakes inherent in having stacks of materials
waiting to be reshelved incurs more loss than having the material out on
the floor, so I'm really looking for appropriate hub security or some
Thanks again,

Tatar, Becky wrote:

> We had to go to a double shelving method, also. We had the cases,
> with the discs in security cases, and they were walking out the door.
> Before the cases are put out, the case is given an accession number
> sticker, and a corresponding sticker is put on a sleeve/pocket that
> holds the disc. The accession number is written on the donut circle
> label. The empty case is put out for patrons to see, and the discs,
> in their pockets, are put in a filing cabinet in numerical order by
> accession number. When a patron comes to the desk with a case, we go
> to the file cabinet and retrieve the disc only. The pocket stays in
> place in the cabinet. When returned, if the clerk doesn't have time
> at that point to return the disc to its pocket, they have to put the
> entire case with the disc in the top drawer of the file cabinet, and
> lock it. Later, when it is not busy, the clerk then returns to the
> file cabinet, and returns any discs to their pockets. It is very time
> consuming, but we have had a rash of theft of new titles, and it could
> only be from people on staff.
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