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Thu, 15 Sep 2005 16:01:48 -0500

<P>Our Library has followed the same route as Ripon PL with a dummy c=
ase out front and a second case with the disc stored in a staff-only =
area.&nbsp; We run a color copy of the DVD case artwork so both cases=
have that info;&nbsp;booklets are not copied, they stay with the dis=
c.&nbsp; This is a great method against shoplifting but we are quickl=
y running out of staff space for storing cases with discs.&nbsp; DVD =
cases are nice and thin, but keep in mind that you'll eventually run =
low on space.&nbsp; </P>
<P>I have not been to the Undergrad Library in a few years but I don'=
t remember there being a whole lot of space there by the AV area.&nbs=
p;&nbsp;Unless the computer lab in the NE corner was&nbsp;moved out y=
ou will run into the same problem eventually.</P>
<P>Gerard Saylor</P>
<P>Library Director</P>
<P>Lake Mills Public Library, Lake Mills, WI</P>
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<BR>&gt; We've typically had a closed stacks collection of dvds, and=
have <BR>&gt; recently created a browsable, circulating collection o=
f dvds for <BR>&gt; students out on the floor. I'm hoping to get sugg=
estions for <BR>&gt; specific <BR>&gt; types of security that will wo=
rk with a 3M system already in place <BR>&gt; and <BR>&gt; that isn't=
a full overlay on the dvds, as many of these discs are <BR>&gt; doub=
le-sided... <BR>&gt; Thanks, <BR>&gt; Mary <BR>&gt; <BR>&gt; -- <BR>&=
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