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Gary Daniels (Gary@interruptProductions.com)
Thu, 15 Sep 2005 16:01:59 -0400

Just wanted to announce my latest DVD/web project for the educational


If your only familiarity with Native Americans is teepees and dream
catchers then be prepared to enter an entirely new world of Native
American art, architecture, culture and beliefs. Lost Worlds of Georgia
is a website and DVD devoted to some of the most important and unique
Native American historical sites in all of North America such as:

Sapelo Shell Rings: a massive complex of three monumental ring-shaped
mounds constructed from tons of seashells. The site is older than the
pyramids in Egypt and is recognized as having some of the earliest
pottery ever discovered in North America.

Rock Eagle/Rock Hawk: two massive rock effigy mounds built in the form
of birds that serve as the graves of great Native American leaders.
These are the only two such mounds to be found east of the Mississippi.

Fort Mountain: on various north Georgia mountains are located mysterious
stone walls and stone circles that may have astronomical importance

Kolomoki Mounds: a massive earthen pyramid complex constructed from
colored clays that was the most populous Native American ceremonial
center north of Mexico around 500 AD. The site is known for its unique
effigy pottery unlike anything else ever discovered in North America.
This civilization also produced accurate calendars and made other
important astronomical discoveries.

Ocmulgee Mounds: Another massive earthen pyramid complex constructed
from colored clays that was built by Muscogean speaking Indians who are
believed to have migrated from central Mexico around 900 AD. (These
tribes were all removed from Georgia during the 1830s and now exist in
Oklahoma, Florida, Arkansas, Alabama and other states.) They brought a
complex political and religious system with them as demonstrated by the
massive temples they constructed on top of their pyramids and the large,
circular, earth-covered council houses known as earth lodges they also

Etowah Mounds: This is one of the four most important Native American
historical sites in America constructed during the Mississippian period
(just before European contact) and includes some of the most unique
Native American artifacts ever discovered in North America including
large male and female marble statues that were housed in a temple atop a
large earthen pyramid, copper plates engraved with intricate designs
representing animals and important leaders, large shell medallions worn
around the neck that were engraved with similar designs.

This DVD and website are not just important for Georgia history but also
for American and World History in general. The civilizations in Georgia
rank up there with the great central American and South American
civilizations thus this DVD will make a great addition to your Ancient
Civilizations collection as well as your Native American collection.

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