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Hi Mary,

When we began our DVD colection several years ago, security wasn't an
issue - until we had over 10 discs stolen in the first week. We had the
cases, with discs inside, out on the shelves, with no security, and one
or more patrons quickly discovered that the discs did not set off the
alarm (3M system). So, we looked into the 3M hub system. The cost was
prohibitive at the time (a $500+ upgrade to the computer system so that
it would detect the smaller hubs, and a cost of $2 per hub label!), so
we ended up simply keeping the empty DVD cases in the browseable stacks,
and putting the DVD's (numbered) in storage trays at the front desk. It
takes a bit longer during check in/out, but our outright theft rate has
effectively been reduced to nil. The cost was also a non-issue (roughly
a nickel per disc).

Hope that helps!

Benjamin D. Sprague
- circulation / ILL
- technology services
Ripon Public Library

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Hi all,
We've typically had a closed stacks collection of dvds, and have
recently created a browsable, circulating collection of dvds for
students out on the floor. I'm hoping to get suggestions for specific
types of security that will work with a 3M system already in place and
that isn't a full overlay on the dvds, as many of these discs are

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