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Matthew Ballard (
Thu, 15 Sep 2005 10:13:42 -0700

Older DVD Players in computers are region free (RPC1 drives), most newer
ones are RPC-2 drives that are not region free. The region on computer
drives is usually limited to 5 changes, although there is software for a
lot of drives that can reset this, and hacked firmwares to make the drives
region free.

Also, if you have software that can read the software as data, it is
possible to extract the DVD and remove the region encoding from the data.

Matthew Ballard
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At 08:12 AM 9/15/2005, you wrote:
>Hey Rick
>I was under the impression that DVD-RW drives on PCs and Macs would handle
>all regions. I be wrong?
>At 09:16 AM 9/15/2005 -0500, Rick Provine wrote:
>>How have you all handled region coding on PCs/Macs (as opposed to
>>set-top players)? Have you found freeware solutions or workarounds that
>>allow users access to all dvds in yoru collections?
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