[Videolib] Searching for "Barkhaa bahar" and "Power of Darkness"

Patti McVay Gorrell (pmcvay@wooster.edu)
Wed, 14 Sep 2005 08:53:41 -0400

Good morning,

A new faculty member would like to buy the following titles, does
anyone have any leads? We've searched Amazon, Facets, Internet Movie
Database, WorldCat, random internet searches, etc.

Barkhaa bahar; Hindi; director Amar Kumar; 1973; based on a Leo
Tolstoy classic "Resurrection".

Power of Darkness (Vlast tmy); Russian; director Robert Wiene or
Cheslav Sabinsky; 1918 or 1928 based on a novel by Leo Tolstoy.

Thank you,


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