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Adrienne Howard (
Thu, 08 Sep 2005 13:36:39 -0700

I'm not sure what age level you are looking for, but we have a well
loved series called "Lost Treasures of the Ancient World" by Kultur
International Films. The series uses detailed reconstructions, new
photography and 3-D computer animation techniques to bring the wonders
of the ancient world to life.

I have could have sworn that I purchased them from,
but I just did a search and it looks they are available from or

The titles in the series include:
Ancient China
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient India
Ancient Jerusalem
Ancient Rome : the glorious empire
The Celts
The Dark ages
Empire of the Americas
Hadrian's wall : edge of the empire
Mayans & Aztecs : ancient lands of the Americas
Pompeii : the doomed city
The Pyramids : jewels of the Nile
The Romans in North Africa
Samurai Japan
The Seven wonders of the ancient world
Stonehenge & the ancient Britons

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