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Bullfrog Films offers "XXI Century: Civilization (Part 5)." (2005, 54
minutes, VHS/DVD)

Iraq's history--from the 'cradle of civilization' to the first Gulf War
and UN sanctions.
Zainab Baharani is an Art Historian at Columbia University who was born
in Baghdad. With her we retrace the famous civilizations of the
Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians. She also describes in detail the
damages to the Iraqi architectural and artistic heritage due to the
first Gulf war, the sanctions imposed by the United Nations and the
bombings of this war.

This is part of a 2-DVD set, complete with seven parts, called "XXI

Elizabeth Stanley
Bullfrog Films

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Hi Folks:

Once again drawing on the infinite wisdom of the group. Looking for the

"To be more specific, it would help me a lot if we have more videos
about the monuments, buildings and archaeological findings in Ancient
Mesopotamia and Egypt."

There you have it. Thanks to you all for your help!


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