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Last year I began ordering videos on preview for the library liaisons (i.e. subject specialists) who request it. A faculty member must request previews/purchases through his/her library liaison. Acquisitions has a separate allocation for postage so I've been charging it to that.
Another idea...does your library have any gift monies that could be set aside for something like this?

Good luck!

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Good Morning,
The faculty at our college sometimes wish to preview a video or DVD before purchasing. This is especially true with nursing videos. This can be costly because if the video is not purchased we are to pay for the shipping and handling both ways and sometimes it is a percentage of the cost of the video. It eats away at our budget to purchase.
We have thought about ILL because we do ILL with our videos. Another idea was to set up a special fund. We are also considering charging the departments. Has anyone done any of these idea and have any of these worked?
We were wondering how other universities handle previewing of videos or DVDs for their faculty. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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