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I Just pre-ordered from Videoflicks.com (US Side of company) and it appears
to be the same edition. BTW - the Canadian site did not offer the US as a
choice in the ordering section. I can't imagine anyone putting out a Region
1 version without english subtitles, but then again....

Valerie Gangwer
Director of Audiovisual Services
Mary Baldwin College

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Subject: Re: Re: [Videolib] Release Date for Moolaade?

Don't know which company is supplying it, but Videoflicks in Canada says
that the DVD they will be carrying in late Sept.(& for which they are
accepting pre-release orders)does have English subtitles. I have
occasionally purchased Canadian releases of films through this company
several months before the same titles were released in the U.S.

Pat Shufeldt
> From: Meghann Matwichuk <mtwchk@udel.edu>
> Date: 2005/08/26 Fri AM 11:20:47 EDT
> To: videolib@library.berkeley.edu
> Subject: Re: [Videolib] Release Date for Moolaade?
> Hello All,
> I got the following from Linda Duchin at New Yorker Films:
> "New Yorker Films is pleased to announce that *MOOLAADE by Ousmane
> Sembene* *is now available for institutional video purchase. Price is
> $295 plus $5 shipping and handling*. Please fax a purchase order with
> the exact ship to address, bill to address, the title of the film, VHS
> institutional purchase, the price including shipping as well as a
> contact name and phone number. Delivery should be approximately 3 weeks.
> Restrictions that apply to this purchase are: No performance rights of
> any kind are included with purchase. No copies may be made of licensed
> video. No admission may be charged, no interlibrary/university loan,
> no rental. Video is for classroom and research use only."
> They do have the rights for home video vhs and dvd, but do not yet
> have any specific release plans. Seems like such a shame for such a
> well-reviewed and important title. We showed a film print as part of
> our International Film Series this past spring, and the positive
> reaction leads me to believe that this would be a great selection for
> public libraries and a wonderful introduction to African cinema to the
> uninitiated. But how many will be able to afford it at this price?
> Best,
> ******************************
> Meghann R. Matwichuk, M.S.
> Assistant Librarian
> Instructional Media Department
> Morris Library, University of Delaware
> 181 S. College Ave.
> Newark, DE 19717
> (302) 831-1475
> Delin, Peter wrote:
> >an addition concerning Moolaade (we are searching for it, too): This
> >title will be released in the UK in November this year
> >http://www.moviemail-online.co.uk/films/15880
> >
> >with kind regards
> >Peter Delin
> >Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin
> >http://www.zlb.de/index.html
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