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Meghann Matwichuk (
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Matt Bailey wrote:

> Apologies all around, as this question has no doubt been addressed
> before:
> I'm relatively new to media librarianship (having jumped over from
> film archiving). Are there any national professional organizations for
> media librarians?
Hello Matt,

Have you thought about ALA's Video Round Table? I'm the Chair of
Membership for this organization, and you can find more information
about VRT at:

From that site:

"VRT is the only organization within ALA that addresses issues related
to video collections and services in all types of libraries. We
understand 'video' to include all formats, analog, and digital;
multimedia that includes video content; and the network delivery of
digital or digitized video.

The VRT membership includes librarians, archivists, and educators from a
broad range of institutions and organizations.

Perhaps equally important, VRT actively recruits video producers and
distributors, editors and publishers, and manufacturers of video
equipment in order to discuss issues and find solutions to mutual
problems. VRT plays a strong advocacy role within ALA and forges
alliances with other national film and video organizations."

I'd think it would be a good match for you, and there are a number of
committees for people to get involved with (there's actually an opening
on the Membership Committee at the moment). Also, the great thing about
meeting at ALA of course is that you can attend plenty of programming on
other aspects of librarianship, since many of us media librarians have
other more generalized responsibilities as well.

If you (or anyone) has any specific questions about VRT, feel free to
drop me a line.


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