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If you are tracking those rights down for feature films you should get a
prize AND a legal degree. It is nearly impossible to track those rights on
A lot of foreign features and non- studio owned American films ( want to
know how many films ended up as part of bankrupt companies ?)

I think the WB thing might have been a misunderstanding since you were also
asking about streaming, PPR etc than they may have been reacting to that.

One thing that startles me is when I get forms from institutions some
of which ask for rights they already have ( standard classroom use) others
ask for broadcast or other PPR rights. I would not trust these forms for
the paper they are written on. In most cases they would be sent to companies
Who don't even own these rights and might sign them out of ignorance.

I think this stuff is very different in the world of educational media
where you usually are dealing with someone who owns rights for streaming
etc but feature stuff is totally different which is why legally at least
I don't see any prospect of being able to stream non- studio product on a
large scale for a long , long time and many titles NEVER ( trust me you
don't want to talk to French owners about this stuff)


> Well, I seemed to have stirred the pot with my questions regarding Home
> Use Only videos and educational institutions. This has been very
> enlightening to me, as someone new to this listserv (on Monday, as a
> matter of fact!). It is my responsibility to find out what rights and
> restrictions are involved when we purchase video and dvd titles for our
> academic library's collections. I have to admit, it is quite a lengthy
> process sometimes to find out who actually 'owns' a title so I can ask
> the questions regarding public performance rights, video streaming,
> statewide fiber-optics viewing for distance education students, and
> cable-casting rights for those we are interested in showing over an
> educational, public access, cable channel. Once I have that information
> we do not automatically purchase it all. However, I do keep track of the
> rights that are available so we don't have to recreate the wheel when a
> faculty member wants to check out a video and have it streamed for their
> students to view. I have discovered that each and every source has a
> different take on what they permit. This has led to some very lengthy
> conversations, but lots of information as a result.
> I appreciate every comment and suggestion I have received, both on and
> off this list. So, thanks for some hearty discussions.
> Jeanne
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