[Videolib] RE: Warner, HBO, etc. vs institutions

Jeanne Little (jeanne.little@uni.edu)
Fri, 26 Aug 2005 09:08:20 -0500

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Well, I seemed to have stirred the pot with my questions regarding Home
Use Only videos and educational institutions. This has been very
enlightening to me, as someone new to this listserv (on Monday, as a
matter of fact!). It is my responsibility to find out what rights and
restrictions are involved when we purchase video and dvd titles for our
academic library's collections. I have to admit, it is quite a lengthy
process sometimes to find out who actually 'owns' a title so I can ask
the questions regarding public performance rights, video streaming,
statewide fiber-optics viewing for distance education students, and
cable-casting rights for those we are interested in showing over an
educational, public access, cable channel. Once I have that information
we do not automatically purchase it all. However, I do keep track of the
rights that are available so we don't have to recreate the wheel when a
faculty member wants to check out a video and have it streamed for their
students to view. I have discovered that each and every source has a
different take on what they permit. This has led to some very lengthy
conversations, but lots of information as a result.

I appreciate every comment and suggestion I have received, both on and
off this list. So, thanks for some hearty discussions.


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