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I have never attended the NMM, so it is worth it? I looked at their web page
and I assume we have do to our own hotel arrangements right? Any tips. I am
not sure if I will be attending but depending on prices I may.
Any suggestions for a first attendee would be greatly appreciated,

Cindy Badilla-Melendez
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University of St. Thomas
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> There is also the National Media Market, which isn't a professional
> organization per se, but sure addresses media librarianship. The annual
> Market is coming up soon! <>

And I forgot to mention that none other than Gary Handman is participating
on a professional development panel at the National Media Market. Quoting
the website: "Panelists from different educational market segments will
discuss their approaches to acquisitions."

Only one, among many, major reasons to attend the NMM, and the NAMTC
Leadership Summit as well.

Rick Faaberg
NAMTC Webmaster & NAMTC Listmom

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