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Fri, 26 Aug 2005 02:16:21 -0700

On 8/25/05 11:55 AM "Matt Bailey" <> sent this out:

> I've looked at CCUMC (, but that seems to be more
> for people dealing with equipment and technology in the classroom. Are
> there any others that people on the list belong to and/or recommend?

National Association of Media & Technology Centers

"The National Association of Media & Technology Centers (NAMTC) is an
organization committed to promoting leadership among its membership through
networking, advocacy, and support activities that will enhance the equitable
access to media, technology, and information services to educational
communities. Membership is open to regional, K-12, and higher education
media technology centers, as well as commercial media vendors."

NAMTC has both institutional and corporate memberships. Please see the
website for more information! <> The annual NAMTC
Leadership Summit is coming up soon, so see the website for that info as

There is also the National Media Market, which isn't a professional
organization per se, but sure addresses media librarianship. The annual
Media Market is coming up soon! <>


Rick Faaberg
NAMTC Webmaster and NAMTC Listmom

Ps. I'm the webmaster for NAMTC so I'm a bit biased perhaps, and
nevertheless NAMTC should be on your "A-list", as should the National Media
Market as both a professional development activity and an opportunity to
meet with your peers and also the folks that produce and distribute the
media that you evaluate and acquire.

c. NAMTC Board, Ursula

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