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Well I hate to sound like a broken record but this will be nearly impossible
with foreign & impendent feature films. Different rights holders, different
contracts etc. No one has the time or money to deal with this on a large
scale. Be grateful that a lot of this stuff is available on DVD and VHS
and don't going junking any of it


> Jonathan
> You are absolutely right.... The publishers are setting the ground rules for
> digital access.
> But I think that was part of the point that Rick was making.... That the
> owners of the content need to start addressing the digital access issues, or
> they will be out of the ballgame (that's a nod to Jessica, Dennis, and the
> Cubs)
> It does not make sense for individual libraries to digitize collections one
> title at a time....if vendors can provide the file. Any more than it would
> make sense for individual libraries to digitize back runs of academic
> journals.
> BUT that said.... SOME libraries are starting to digitize their own
> backfiles, especially fiche collections. So this game is still evolving on
> the print side.
> For another example of publisher digitization, look at the Thomson Gale
> Virtual Reference Collection...
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>> deg - i may have misunderstood rick. I understood this (I used to subscribe
>> to the library licensing list serv out of yale, i forgot the name?) what i
>> meant was it was controlled and not done without the licensors (publishers)
>> consent. (not only consent, but largely they set the ground rules). in fact
>> i have long held the idea in the back of my head that our (distributors')
>> future lay with reed elsevier! (now i've said it) bet you all don't like
>> that idea, now do you?
>> Jonathan
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