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You are absolutely right.... The publishers are setting the ground rules for
digital access.

But I think that was part of the point that Rick was making.... That the
owners of the content need to start addressing the digital access issues, or
they will be out of the ballgame (that's a nod to Jessica, Dennis, and the

It does not make sense for individual libraries to digitize collections one
title at a time....if vendors can provide the file. Any more than it would
make sense for individual libraries to digitize back runs of academic

BUT that said.... SOME libraries are starting to digitize their own
backfiles, especially fiche collections. So this game is still evolving on
the print side.

For another example of publisher digitization, look at the Thomson Gale
Virtual Reference Collection...

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> From: Jonathan Miller <> > Reply-To: "" <> > Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 15:35:10 -0400 > To: "" <> > Subject: Fwd: Re: [Videolib] Streaming and course management systems (CDigix) > > deg - i may have misunderstood rick. I understood this (I used to subscribe > to the library licensing list serv out of yale, i forgot the name?) what i > meant was it was controlled and not done without the licensors (publishers) > consent. (not only consent, but largely they set the ground rules). in fact > i have long held the idea in the back of my head that our (distributors') > future lay with reed elsevier! (now i've said it) bet you all don't like > that idea, now do you? > Jonathan

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