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How is it this forecast has not happened to any large extent, as far as I
know, with print, i.e. academic journals? (where the prices would provide a
great incentive) or even consumer newspapers and magazines (where there is
a bigger public)? the content of which (text) can be easily distributed
with today's technology.


At 06:45 PM 8/23/2005 -0700, you wrote:
>On 8/23/05 8:01 AM "Jessica Rosner" <> sent this out:
> > I wish it were so simple Rick but you have literally thousands and
> thousands
> > of rights holders. We all know of the VAST majority of feature films were
> > not available on VHS or DVD.
>I never said it was simple. What I said was if rights are not cleared for
>streaming, eventually those titles are gone. Physical media *will* go away.
>Count on it.
>Music CDs, for example, are now an endangered species mainly because of
>iPods and iTunes and like devices/services (and even audio streaming through
>services like Comcast).
> > The number will be FAR greater for digitizing.
> > The things I know best foreign & independent features will be very
> difficult
> > to do legally. I don't personally envision a situation in which it becomes
> > legal to digitize a VHS or DVD and put it up for streaming without
> > licensing. This is far too close to illegal music downloading etc and the
> > big studios are not likely to let this in.
>I said nothing about legality. Do you believe Comcast is streaming Hollywood
>feature films without license? Yeah sure! NOT. :-)
> > I am not saying it won't happen all over the place but NOT legally and they
> > will almost surely go after some institutions re entertainment stuff which
> > in the end will have the same effect. I noticed Google has suspended its
> > project for scanning major library collections due to objections from
> rights
> > holders.
>Eventually, "rights holders" will have to fish or cut bait. The industry
>will move on to virtual media. "Rights holders" cannot stop it. Even Disney
>will eventually succumb.
>Ultimately, I guess there will be 1000s of titles that the younger
>generations will never see if the "rights holders" won't budge.
>And the "rights holders" will have rights that are worth nothing in the
>Rick Faaberg
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