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Rick Faaberg (
Tue, 23 Aug 2005 18:45:11 -0700

On 8/23/05 8:01 AM "Jessica Rosner" <> sent this out:

> I wish it were so simple Rick but you have literally thousands and thousands
> of rights holders. We all know of the VAST majority of feature films were
> not available on VHS or DVD.

I never said it was simple. What I said was if rights are not cleared for
streaming, eventually those titles are gone. Physical media *will* go away.
Count on it.

Music CDs, for example, are now an endangered species mainly because of
iPods and iTunes and like devices/services (and even audio streaming through
services like Comcast).

> The number will be FAR greater for digitizing.
> The things I know best foreign & independent features will be very difficult
> to do legally. I don't personally envision a situation in which it becomes
> legal to digitize a VHS or DVD and put it up for streaming without
> licensing. This is far too close to illegal music downloading etc and the
> big studios are not likely to let this in.

I said nothing about legality. Do you believe Comcast is streaming Hollywood
feature films without license? Yeah sure! NOT. :-)

> I am not saying it won't happen all over the place but NOT legally and they
> will almost surely go after some institutions re entertainment stuff which
> in the end will have the same effect. I noticed Google has suspended its
> project for scanning major library collections due to objections from rights
> holders.

Eventually, "rights holders" will have to fish or cut bait. The industry
will move on to virtual media. "Rights holders" cannot stop it. Even Disney
will eventually succumb.

Ultimately, I guess there will be 1000s of titles that the younger
generations will never see if the "rights holders" won't budge.

And the "rights holders" will have rights that are worth nothing in the


Rick Faaberg

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