[Videolib] Re: Streaming and course management systems

Jennifer Streitfeld (jennifer.streitfeld@films.com)
Tue, 23 Aug 2005 15:09:24 -0400

Hello All,

Films Media Group (which includes Films for the Humanities & Sciences,
Cambridge Educational, Meridian Education, and Shopware) has a few different
options for digital delivery of our content.

We offer digital licensing on majority of our titles and we are quite
excited to announce the launch of our own digital delivery system - FMG On
Demand. This service allows you to stream the content from our website or
download to your local servers.

We have had full length programs broken down into short clips - learning
objects and there is also the functionality for professors to bookmark their
own clips.

The new service allows you to lease the content for 1 year, 3 years, or to
purchase the rights to the program. We also have the capability of also
providing you the digital files on a hard drive.

For further information, please contact your Media Consultant at
1.800.257.5126 x. 3502 or email sales@films.com

We will be at National Media Market and CCUMC this year and look forward to
aiding in your transition to digital delivery.

Jennifer Streitfeld
Media Consultant
Films Media Group
1.800.257.5126 x. 5832
Fax: 609.671.5777

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