[Videolib] Re: video cases with non-locking hubs

Tue, 23 Aug 2005 18:30:13 -0000 (UTC)

The Amaray cases are the best in a DVD size format. We have a product
called a lift lock case for CDs that actually releases the disc from the
center hub as the case is opened.

We also have a product that is a center hole, metallized polyester label
that provides protection from center hole cracks. It is much stronger
than the paper or plastic center labels in the market that provide for
center label ID. You can actually bend a disc (not something I recommend)
completely and crack it and the center hole area protected by these labels
will not break. They are that strong.

If anyone is interested in receiving a sample of either of these, just
send us an email with your mailing address and we'll ship them out to you.

David Wright
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