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I wish it were so simple Rick but you have literally thousands and thousands
of rights holders. We all know of the VAST majority of feature films were
not available on VHS or DVD.The number will be FAR greater for digitizing.
The things I know best foreign & independent features will be very difficult
to do legally. I don't personally envision a situation in which it becomes
legal to digitize a VHS or DVD and put it up for streaming without
licensing. This is far too close to illegal music downloading etc and the
big studios are not likely to let this in.
I am not saying it won't happen all over the place but NOT legally and they
will almost surely go after some institutions re entertainment stuff which
in the end will have the same effect. I noticed Google has suspended its
project for scanning major library collections due to objections from rights

Librarians and consumers alike have wanted movies to be like music with a
kind of one stop or close to it licensing mode but again due to the HUGE
number of different owners all over the world this will not happen

What I personally fear is that the studios will get their pound of flesh in
Huge licensing agreements but independent and individual rights holders will
get screwed as they really can not do this on that scale


> On 8/22/05 8:41 AM "Jessica Rosner" <> sent this out:
>> The technology may be there but I don't think the rights issues will
>> ever catch up.
> The rights issues will be sorted out relatively immediately once consumers
> require/prefer on-demand streaming delivery.
> For example, that's how VHS came to replace 16mm film in K-12 education.
> Once consumers started buying VHS players in vast quantities, the prices
> came down and the schools could afford the players. Bzzzzzt! No more 16mm
> purchases!
> Once consumers expect streaming delivery and it's affordable, bzzzzt! no
> more physical media!
> Those producers/distributors who don't work out rights issues will no longer
> be distributing their materials once the transition from physical to virtual
> media fully unfolds.
> Imho,
> Rick Faaberg
> Ps. I'm walking the talk - I watch on-demand via Comcast cable vs. going to
> Blockbuster to rent the same title.
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