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First of all: transmission of a whole digitized work on demand (as opposed
to in the content of synchronous distance ed) doesn't meet the requirements

Second: no way fair use

There are two issues here: 1) making a digital "derivative" work 2)
broadcasting the work over a network

Gary Handman

At 12:48 PM 8/22/2005 -0400, you wrote:
>Is that Northwestern's position?
> Jonathan Miller
>At 10:48 AM 8/22/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>>I hope that some who are considering implementing such a service will
>>decide that either fair use or the TEACH act will permit them to stream
>>these titles without paying licensing fees.
>>This statement, issued by ARL last year, may be worth a read (or a
>>re-read) for applicability to non-print reserve services:
>>At 9:58 AM -0400 8/22/05, Meghann Matwichuk wrote:
>>>Hello Patti (et. al.),
>>>Thanks for raising this topic on Video-lib -- I have just been charged
>>>with investigating this topic as well! Please, group, reply to the list
>>>if possible.
>>>The digital content service that I have been asked to find out more
>>>about is called CDigix -- does
>>>anyone have any specific knowledge about this product? One library
>>>we've talked with described the procedure they use when working with
>>>this provider as follows:
>>>1. Requests for providing media content online via CDigix go through IT.
>>>IT coordinates the service with CDigix, including troubleshooting and
>>>systems questions.
>>>2. Faculty complete form on IT page and check box related to educational
>>>use of the media. Library is not involved in researching or obtaining
>>>copyright permissions to reformat or digitize media in Library
>>>collection. The transaction is between the faculty member and CDigix.
>>>3. Library receives request for physical copy (VHS or DVD) from IT. Copy
>>>must be a legal copy in Library collection.
>>>4. Media is sent to IT for digitization.
>>>5. At semester end, digital media files are scrubbed by IT.
>>>6. Library continues to research, collect, catalog, house, and maintain
>>>video for instructional use by faculty and students.
>>>Does this sound like the typical procedure used by other institutions /
>>>academic libraries using streaming and course management systems?
>>>Thanks in advance for any input,
>>>Meghann R. Matwichuk, M.S.
>>>Assistant Librarian
>>>Instructional Media Department
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>>>Patricia McVay-Gorrell wrote:
>>>>Good morning,
>>>>Our campus is investigating course management systems and the question
>>>>that I'm presented with is "What steps need to be taken to stream
>>>>educational and theatrical films to the 'chosen' system for specific
>>>>class assignments?" The IT folks plan to have a dedicated server and
>>>>they assured us that class assignments will be password protected.
>>>>At this point, some of my questions are: would they be using clips vs.
>>>>entire films; the issue of changing formats within copyright; how
>>>>secure is the server and the course management system; are there
>>>>'guest' privileges for non-registered students; are the students
>>>>permitted to download the film; server space issues--at least half of
>>>>our course reserves are theatrical releases; how secure are the
>>>>passwords and the people entrusted with them (smile); the estimated
>>>>cost to the Libraries for each title; estimated turnaround time for the
>>>>vendor's permission once a faculty member decides what films to use;
>>>>turnaround time for changing the format; increase in our staff time, etc.
>>>>Has anyone offered this service to their faculty yet? Or studied the
>>>>issue and would you be willing to share your results? Please reply
>>>>directly to <> unless others express an interest.
>>>>Many thanks on this gorgeous Saturday morning in Ohio!
>>>>Patricia McVay Gorrell
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