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M. Claire Stewart (
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I hope that some who are considering implementing such a service will
decide that either fair use or the TEACH act will permit them to
stream these titles without paying licensing fees.

This statement, issued by ARL last year, may be worth a read (or a
re-read) for applicability to non-print reserve services:


At 9:58 AM -0400 8/22/05, Meghann Matwichuk wrote:
>Hello Patti (et. al.),
>Thanks for raising this topic on Video-lib -- I have just been
>charged with investigating this topic as well! Please, group, reply
>to the list if possible.
>The digital content service that I have been asked to find out more
>about is called CDigix -- does
>anyone have any specific knowledge about this product? One library
>we've talked with described the procedure they use when working with
>this provider as follows:
>1. Requests for providing media content online via CDigix go through
>IT. IT coordinates the service with CDigix, including
>troubleshooting and systems questions.
>2. Faculty complete form on IT page and check box related to
>educational use of the media. Library is not involved in researching
>or obtaining copyright permissions to reformat or digitize media in
>Library collection. The transaction is between the faculty member
>and CDigix.
>3. Library receives request for physical copy (VHS or DVD) from IT.
>Copy must be a legal copy in Library collection.
>4. Media is sent to IT for digitization.
>5. At semester end, digital media files are scrubbed by IT.
>6. Library continues to research, collect, catalog, house, and
>maintain video for instructional use by faculty and students.
>Does this sound like the typical procedure used by other
>institutions / academic libraries using streaming and course
>management systems?
>Thanks in advance for any input,
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>Patricia McVay-Gorrell wrote:
>>Good morning,
>>Our campus is investigating course management systems and the
>>question that I'm presented with is "What steps need to be taken to
>>stream educational and theatrical films to the 'chosen' system for
>>specific class assignments?" The IT folks plan to have a dedicated
>>server and they assured us that class assignments will be password
>>At this point, some of my questions are: would they be using clips
>>vs. entire films; the issue of changing formats within copyright;
>>how secure is the server and the course management system; are
>>there 'guest' privileges for non-registered students; are the
>>students permitted to download the film; server space issues--at
>>least half of our course reserves are theatrical releases; how
>>secure are the passwords and the people entrusted with them
>>(smile); the estimated cost to the Libraries for each title;
>>estimated turnaround time for the vendor's permission once a
>>faculty member decides what films to use; turnaround time for
>>changing the format; increase in our staff time, etc.
>>Has anyone offered this service to their faculty yet? Or studied
>>the issue and would you be willing to share your results? Please
>>reply directly to <> unless others express an
>>Many thanks on this gorgeous Saturday morning in Ohio!
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