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We have started a similar project. This is what I found:

Each video is different. For example Films for the Humanities charges about
$250 for the right to digitize. There are details such as one user, multiple
users, 1 campus, multiple campuses. PBS charges about $400 per title. Media
Education Foundation charges $200 per title.
Other vendors or copyright holders charges different prices. It is not
simple. There are many titles you won't be able to have online due to
copyright restrictions, there are several copyright holders that don't want
to sale their rights to digitize.
And off course everything has to be password protected. It is a great
service if you have the money and the bandwidth, it requires a lot of
storage space in your server.

My advice, is start per title do a pilot project of few titles and see how
it works.

OHIO link has several titles online
Good luck

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Good morning,

Our campus is investigating course management systems and the question that
I'm presented with is "What steps need to be taken to stream educational and
theatrical films to the 'chosen' system for specific class assignments?" The
IT folks plan to have a dedicated server and they assured us that class
assignments will be password protected.

At this point, some of my questions are: would they be using clips vs.
entire films; the issue of changing formats within copyright; how secure is
the server and the course management system; are there 'guest' privileges
for non-registered students; are the students permitted to download the
film; server space issues--at least half of our course reserves are
theatrical releases; how secure are the passwords and the people entrusted
with them (smile); the estimated cost to the Libraries for each title;
estimated turnaround time for the vendor's permission once a faculty member
decides what films to use; turnaround time for changing the format; increase
in our staff time, etc.

Has anyone offered this service to their faculty yet? Or studied the issue
and would you be willing to share your results? Please reply directly to
<> unless others express an interest.

Many thanks on this gorgeous Saturday morning in Ohio!


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