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If anyone hasn't gotten back to you, yet, here are 4 places to send your
titles for review. These are 4 major sources for schools and public

1. Video Librarian - = This site as
a section on submitting titles for review.
2. Booklist - (converted from Or, if this doesn't work,, then
Products & Publications, then Periodicals, then Booklist
3. Library Journal -
4. School Library Journal -

If the Booklist and Library Journal sites don't provide information on
how to submit titles for review, they do give the contact information
for calling or mailing for more information. Good luck!

Becky Tatar
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Subject: [Videolib] POLL: Top 3 Resources for Selecting New DVDs?


For those who would like to participate...

I am a new nature and environmental DVD distributor, and am wondering
what are your top 3 favorite online and print resources for selecting
new media for your school or public library collection?

We're a non-profit can only afford to advertise in a few resources,
hence we need to be very focused!

Thank you for your participation! It is very appreciated!

Suzanne Harle

Suzanne Harle
Founder/Executive Director
nature & environmental DVDs
PO Box 282
Corte Madera, CA 94976
415 383 0484
a nonprofit organization

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