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Madeline Copp (mcopp@jhu.edu)
Thu, 18 Aug 2005 12:40:06 -0400

Dear Colleagues,

One of our faculty members needs the following article:
Hagan, John. "Cinema and the Romantic Tradition." Millennium Film Journal, v.1 no.1.(Winter 1977-78), p.38-51.

We have it on microfilm, but several of the pages are illegible (the microfilming of this journal isn't great). I tried getting it on ILL (asking for a copy of the paper version), but got another microfilm copy (and it's just as bad as ours). So, I'm wondering if anyone out there has a paper copy of this journal back to volume one (I can let our ILL staff know where they can get it). Also, for those of you who have the microfilm copy, you may want to know that some of the volumes weren't microfilmed very well (this wasn't the first time I've had this experience w/this journal on microfilm).

Many thanks for any help,

Madeline A. Copp, Research Services Librarian
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