Re: [Videolib] "Take My Eyes"

Meghann Matwichuk (
Wed, 17 Aug 2005 15:02:11 -0400

Hello Susanna (et. al.),

We've had our eyes on this title (no pun intended) for our international
film series for some time, and it appears that it's (finally) going to
be released theatrically at the end of the year (or thereabouts). I'm
guessing a Region 1 release will follow soon after that.


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susanna eng wrote:

> Good morning 'libbers!
> I was wondering if anyone knows whether the film "Te doy mis Ojos"
> (Take my Eyes), directed by Iciar Bollain, is available on Region 1
> dvd? A faculty member has requested it and I can find Region 2, but
> I'd rather have Region 1 if possible. Any help is much appreciated!
> Thanks :-)
> Susanna.
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