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Fri, 12 Aug 2005 13:48:18 -0400

I had already tried using the Print Screen to copy and paste an image from the DVD into WORD. Following your suggestion, I pasted it into a photo enhancement program and saved it as a .jpg image. Unfortunately, what seems to be captured in by both programs is a MOVING image. When the DVD starts running again, the photo changes; and when the DVD is stopped, the image in the .jpg file goes blank.

Have I missed a step somewhere?

Pat Shufeldt
> From: John Streepy <John.Streepy@cwu.EDU>
> Date: 2005/08/12 Fri AM 11:18:32 EDT
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> Subject: Re: RE: [Videolib] No cover art/plain packaging on videos & DVDs
> Hi
> I would not deal with the files on the disc, odds are they can not be
> accesed without a fair amount of hacking. Instead, I would play the DVD
> on your computer as large as possible (full screen is best), pause at a
> suitable image, and then hit the print screen button. (These
> instructions are for PCs, Macs need a utility such as DVD Grab to work)
> Paste the file into a image manipulation program and crop the image down
> to size, save as a jpeg or other suitablee file format. Much easier,
> and you can use the video's opening graphics for a title shot on your
> insert and make various shots.
> Hope that helps.
> jhs
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> >>> 08/12/05 7:31 am >>>
> This is slightly off-topic, but I hope someone on the list may be able
> to help me.
> Since videos in church libraries and denominational resource centers
> don't circulate any better without cover art than they do in public
> libraries, I create case inserts when necessary using graphics obtained
> from the organizations' website.
> I've recently received a DVD with no available graphic to pull for the
> cover unless I can grab a shot from the DVD itself and change it to a
> still shot. The files are in a .VOB format.
> Any suggestions?
> Pat Shufeldt
> Westminster Presbyterian Church Library
> &Foothills Presbytery Resource Center
> Greenville, SC
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