[Videolib] No cover art/plain packaging on videos & DVDs

Mike Boedicker (mboedicker@hotmail.com)
Thu, 11 Aug 2005 15:59:07 -0500

Has anyone ever complained to vendors that do not supply cover art, or only
provide generic packaging? If you received an answer, what were the reasons
offered? I'm especially interested in hearing from public librarians or
academic librarians who have open media stacks.

>From a respected vendor I recently received an award-winning nonfiction DVD
that did not include cover art (it came in a plain jewel case, nothing
else). I emailed requesting cover art, or promotional material that could
be fashioned into cover art, but haven't heard back. This is the second
time we've ordered from them and may be the last -- not because of their
programs, which are excellent, but because of the plain packaging. The
first order didn't include cover art either, yet their catalog and website
do not mention this fact. I wonder what we can do to convince vendors that
cover art is extremely important in browsing collections -- that the best
program in the world will gather dust if it's packaged in a plain box.
Whatever cover art we're forced to create ourselves looks like what it is --
homemade -- and is a disservice to the program. Unfortunately, people
really do judge a book by its cover.

Some vendors (notably cable channels) say they do not offer cover art
because their biggest market is individuals. What bugs me about the above
case is that the vendor primarily serves the library market, and even offers
special pricing for public libraries. Yet even their special pricing is
almost $100 per program, for which I could buy 5 high-quality PBS programs
that INCLUDE attractive cover art...

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