[Videolib] Two Titles

Eileen Karsten (karsten@lakeforest.edu)
Wed, 10 Aug 2005 12:37:55 -0500

I have a request for the following two films from a professor. Does
anyone know if either will be released on DVD anytime soon?

Mirage (1965) starring Gregory Peck and Diane Baker.
[I can find a used VHS tape on-line.]

Shadow on the Wall (1950) starring Ann Sothern and Zachary Scott.
[As far as I can tell, this has never been released for sale.]

Side note: He wants these films because he is doing a class dealing with
memory. We have already purchased The Majestic, Eternal Sunshine of the
Spotless Mind, et al. for him.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


Eileen Karsten
Head of Technical Services
Lake Forest College



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