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Possible substitutes for "Monkeys, Apes and Man":

Baboon Tales

The Disenchanted Forest

For more information, contact me at 800-543-3764.

Elizabeth Stanley
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I'm hoping someone out there can give guidance...

Our media library is currently phasing out its U-MATIC collection.
Needless to say, it's been a nightmare for me to try to find VHS/DVD
copies of some of the titles that are deemed worthy of keeping (though I
do get lucky once in a while). I have a 3 part question concerning the
titles below which are still actively on reserve:

The pinks and blues (WGBH-TV) / Paramus, N.J. : Time-Life Video, 1981.

Nova: What time is your body/ Paramus, N.J. : distributed by Time-Life
Films, 1975, made 1973.

Monkeys, Apes and man / Washington, D.C. : National Geographic Society :
Released by Films Incorporated, 1971.


1) Does anyone know who still distributes these, or where I can get
used VHS copies of them?
2) If they are truly not available what procedure should be followed to
get rights to reformat?
3) Does anyone know of any titles produced in this millennium (HA!)
that would be suitable substitutes?

While I'm at it, I have I've already sent separate inquiries about the 2
titles below to the organizations that produced them and I'm awaiting
replies. However, maybe someone out there could recommend more timely
substitutes for them:

Research methods for studying animal behavior in a zoo setting (c1983)
Portrait of contemporary jazz dance (c1977)

As always....THANKS!!

Chris McN

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