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How about:
>Public Enemy: Cagney sips coffee for his hangover.
>Footlight Parade: Cagney sips to stay up all night writing.
>Stagecoach: Thomas Mitchell must sober up fast to deliver a baby, and he swills hot, black coffee past his limits with John Wayne's assistance. Later, Claire Trevor and Wayne talk while she is grinding coffee beans by hand.
>Sullivan's Travels, Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake have coffee with "sinkers" (donuts).

And one with coffee actively driving the plot: Christmas in July.

And, am I wrong? Doesn't Jack Benny fall into a big, 3-D coffee billboard cup in The Horn Blows at Midnight?

Actually, randomly choose any American film from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s and there is a good chance of a coffee scene of some sort especially crime/film noirs.

Sorry for excessive verbage, but I've had too much coffee.
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Here's a good one for summer brain damaged movie freaks:

Anyone out there have any coffee in the movies non-sequitor scenes to share?

I prefer non-sequitors than actual scenes that are relevant to the plot...

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