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I would add:

Dodeskaden - Kurasawa

Episodes from the lives of a group of Tokyo slum-dwellers: Rokkuchan, a
retarded boy who brings meaning and routine to his life by driving an
imaginary streetcar; children who support their parents by scrounging or by
tedious and ill-paying endeavours; schemers who plot or dream of escaping
the shackles of poverty.

I assume based on the list that you Gehner is primarily interested in
feature films... But there are many great documentaries that deal with
poverty, including Harvest of Shame and the follow-up New Harvest, Old
Shame; Down and Out in America, Hunger in America, and the PBS series,
America's War on Poverty.

If it is released on DVD or tape, the premier episode of Morgan Spurlock's
TV series "Thirty Days", in which he and his fiance live on minimum wage for
a month should be included too.

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