Re: [Videolib] Top Twenty Films ever made about Poverty

Steve Fesenmaier (
Thu, 4 Aug 2005 11:12:07 -0400


Additions from the field

1.. El Norte by Sanford Berman, founder of the Task Force
2.. Darwin's Nightmare - by Paul Nuchims, retired art professor
3.. Bicycle Thief by Susan Grant, Technical Services Manager
Southern Maryland Regional Library
4.. Dry Wood by Les Blank. Black Creole life in Louisiana.
5.. A Well Spent Life by Les Blank, suggested by filmmaker. Life of
bluesman guitarist Mance Lipscomb. Kurt Vonnegut's fav film.
6.. The Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan, nominated by Susan Upole.
7.. "The Good Woman of Bangkok" (Film / TV, 1991) by Dennis O'Rourke.
Disturbing but important film on poverty: Philip Fryer, Media/Systems
Loyola Notre Dame Library
8.. The Harder They Come (about poor country and ghetto youth in Kingston,
Jamaica) - Mike Tribby, Senior Cataloger, Quality Books Inc
9.. Goat Man (about a poor farmer with an affinity for driving
large numbers of goats cross-country). Mike Tribby, Senior Cataloger,
Quality Books Inc
10.. "Mother India" 1957. (India) - Tells the story of a widow struggling
to feed her family
and survive famine and insurmountable debt.- Ameet Doshi
11.. "Apu Trilogy" (especially "Pather Panchali"). 1955-1959. (India)
Follows the life of a young boy and his family as they fight against the
forces of
poverty in India. - Ameet Doshi

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